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designs for everyone!

Hi there and welcome to CherrysDesigns!

Here you can find all my original designs. These are 100% created by me. I especially love designing female and male outfits, also character designs and regular art (wallpapers, book covers, etc...) Feedback and critique is always welcome. 


  • If you would like to place an order, please contact me. :)



Most of these are inspired by games, different cultures or a mix of fantasy. 

My favourite themes are:

  • Leather / Punk / Goth/ Visual Kei
  • Fantasy 
  • Fighting / Spy / Sci-Fi
  • Elegant / sexy 

But I love to learn new techniques, styles and improve my work.

winner of Dead or alive 5: last round - Halloween themed designer's COntest for lei fang

One little dream has come true! You can find my design in the game, Dead Or alive 5: Last Round.

My design (the right, orange one ) is in the top 10 of the Halloween themed Designer's challenge. It was chosen by the Team Ninja Director himself! 

Out of over 1.500 designs, 2 of mine made it into the game! The pink bubble gum cat suit for Sarah and Leifangs orange Halloween Dress.


I was more than surprised that actually 2 designs won. I am very grateful for the chance of being a part of this game and I love how the designs look ! 

More contest entries

Currently I'm participating in kakao's global "black desert online" - Costume contest. 
My design was voted into the TOP 5 of EU!


Outfit designs (more on deviantart)

Side note:

I uploaded the watermarked versions, because all the designs you see here, were sold on deviantart.

The watermark is meant to prevent stealing.


Character designs

Other Artwork



What would life be without rules? Probably more fun... ;D

Please ALWAYS credit me, as the original creator of the art!


There are a few little things I'd like you to note:

You may

  • Co-own with a friend
  • Use the art for personal use
  • Print it
  • Trade/gift
  • personalize it (change in color, size etc...)

You may not

  • Refund
  • Trace / Steal / Copy
  • Resell the designs (if you plan to do, note me first please)