★Welcome to CherrysDesigns!★

My name is Claudia, 26 years old self-taught artist from Germany. 


Let me tell you a little about myself :)

I always loved drawing. Ever since I was a  child... I practically grew up with pen and paper. Nowadays it's rather a drawing tablet and a PC :D. My second passion are video-games. So what's better than combining these 2? That's what I'm working for, that's why I'm here! ★


It was always my dream to being able to draw and live off it. So after many years of practicing and learning, I became a freelancing artist in summer 2017. I've specialized in Outfit / Costume designs. Providing these as concept art but currently I am learning how to create game-ready 3D designs as well. 


I speak German, English and Romanian.


Can't wait to hear from you :) 

Your Claudia ♥